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Blodgett Landing History

Note: Background photograph of Casino in the 1920’s

Blodgett Landing is a section of Newbury, NH.  It is one of the eleven  major “landings” on Lake Sunapee.  Blodgett’s was originally established as a church  “Spiritualist community in 1876.   Spiritualists  annual camp-meeting at Blodgett Landing were held in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.
A fleet of steam ships took guests to the many hotels/inns that were located at the various landings from the late 1800's until the 1930's.   This one is the "
Wenonah" which burned to the waterline on the night of July 4th 1908 at Blodgett Landing.

There was a hotel and three  boarding houses in Blodgett Landing.  Here is the
1888 Forest House Inn brochure and  a 1940’s brochure from the “Wa-See-Wic”   boarding house.

An excellent article, 
Capturing the Spirit of  Blodgett’s Landing can be found in the Spring 2011 Newsletter of the Newbury Historical Society.

 An article, by  John Greenwood, Blodgett’s Landing C.O.A. - The Early Years... can be found in the Summer 2011 issue of the SooNipi magazine.

   Blodgett Landing, NH waterfront 1954-1958
Blodgett Landing NH Waterfront  1954-1958
Home movies from 1954 to 1958 of Blodgett Landing, Lake Sunapee, NH. The movies also show the Newbury, NH Center Meeting House and the MV Mt. Sunapee I at the dock in Sunapee Harbor. The main focus is on the Blodgett "Big Dock" swimming and boating activities.

Blodgett Landing, NH waterfront 1954-1958

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Blodgett Landing  Day NH  - 1960

   Blodgett Landing  Day NH  - 1960
Blodgett Landing Day Lake Sunapee - 1960
Home movies of Blodgett Landing, Lake Sunapee NH - 1960. The Blodgett Landing Day parade is featured along with the Blodget Landing Day Beauty Pagent and the girls on the staff of the Blodgett Lodge hotel.

Personal recollections from the 1950s and 1960s compiled from e-mails I received requesting inputs for a presentation I made to the NHS.

Personal Recollections - 1950s - 1960s

Last updated 07/25/2014

A history of the Blodgett’s post office and of Blodgett Landing written by the daughter of the last Blodgett’s postmistress.

Blodgett Landing  Post Office History

Excerpt from a 1910 Memories of Blodgett Landing - NH Profiles August 1971  - 1 page.
The full article can be found here: “
Farewell to Lake Sunapee” - 4 pgs

Excerpt from Farewell  to Lake Sunapee Blodgetts