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History of Lake Sunapee  Steamboats

The “Steamboat Era” on Lake Sunapee began in 1854 and ended in the late 1920’s.  There was a brief period (1854 to 1860) when two passenger ships were in operation on Sunapee.
Then there was a break (caused by the Civil War) until 1876, when the Penacook/Mountain Maid was launched.
There were seven commercial steamboats on the lake.  The largest, Armenia White, was 101 feet long and could take 650 passengers.  Here are a few articles reproduced from the New Hampshire Profiles magazine (a State  of NH tourist publication from 1952 to 1991).

An excerpt (covering Blodgett’s and the surrounding area) from a B&M Railroad 1897 brochure about Lake Sunapee.  It describes all of the “Landings” on the lake.    Here is a 1900 B&M Railroad map of Lake Sunapee showing the then active steamboat landings.

Remember the Amenia White - NH Profiles April 1963 issue - 4 pages.

Lake Sunapee Steamboats Blodgetts - 1900  YouTube video of Lake Sunapee Steamboats - 1900

Slide show of the steamboats landing at Blodgett Landing dock.

Remember the Armenia White Article - April 1963

Sunapee Steamers -  NH Profiles August 1962 issue - 5 pages.

Lake Sunapee Steamboats - 1900
Sunapee Steamers Article - August 1962

Farewell to Lake Sunapee - NH Profiles August 1971- 4 pages.

Farewell to Lake Sunapee Article - August 1971
Steamboats Photo Album

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There were up to twenty steamboat landings once on Lake Sunapee. A  fleet of steam ships took guests to the many hotels/inns that were  located at these various landings from the late 1800's until the 1930's. They carried passengers, luggage, mail, cargo, etc. and gave Sunday  excursions to vacationers.

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