*** Updated ***  Blodgett Landing Panorama - 2013   - click on photo for high resolution panorama.

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 *** Updated ***
All photo album links corrected.

The information and photos on these web pages are compliments of Ron  Garceau, SooNipi Magazine editor.  I am grateful for his contributions  to the history of Blodgett Landing and to the Sunapee area.

A SooNipi magazine article, Blodgett’s Landing C.O.A. - The Early Years... Summer 2011 -  4 pages.

A SooNipi magazine article, Indian Basket Weavers Winter 2007-08 -
1 page.

SooNipi Article -  Blodgetts Landing COA the Early  Years
SooNipi Article -  Indian Basket Weavers

A SooNipi magazine article, in the “Wild Goose Waters” section Fall 2007 - 2 pages.

A Newbury Historical Society  Spring 2011 Newsletter article,  Capturing the Spirit of  Blodgett’s Landing , excerpted from a July 1998 SooNipi magazine article -  5 pages.

SooNipi Article -  Wild Goose Waters
NHS - Capturing the Spirit of Blodgetts Landing
SooNipi Article - Sunapee Mt Plane Crash Remembered

An article covering the AT-6 plane crash on Blood Mt. was written for the SooNipi magazine - Sunapee Mountain Plane Crash Remembered.

Photos from the Ron Garceau Collection. These photos are of Blodgett  Landing, Newbury, NH - Lake Sunapee. Photos range in dates from the 1900 to the 1950's.

Garceau Collection Historic Photos

A SooNipi magazine article, Cressy & Dayne Summer 2007. 4 pages

SooNipi Article -  Cressy & Dayne

A SooNipi magazine article, Magical Memoirs of Lake Sunapee, July 1998 - 2 pages.

SooNipi Article -  Magical Memoirs of Lake Sunapee

All images reproduced with permission of SooNipi Publishing Co., Sunapee, NH

Last updated 03/23/2019