*** Updated ***  Blodgett Landing Panorama - 2013   - click on photo for high resolution panorama.

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Blodgett’s Postcards - Volume one. Blodgett Landing is a section of  Newbury, NH. It is one of the eleven “landings” that were once on Lake  Sunapee.

Blodgetts Postcards - Volume 1

Blodgett’s Postcards - Volume two more recently contributed . Additional  postcards or updated / replacements for postcards in Volume 1... The back-side of the postcard, with correspondence,  postmark and address are included immediately after each postcard.

 *** Updated ***
All photo album links corrected.

Blodgetts Postcards - Volume 2

Postcards of Mt. Sunapee from 1948 thru the mid-1960s. The first chairlift  was installed in 1948 on Mt. Sunapee by the state of NH. The winter  postcards follow the summer-fall postcards in this album.

Here is
The Hstory  of Mt. Sunapee from 1909 to present from the Mt. Sunapee website.

Mt Sunapee Postcards - 1940s- 1960s

Last updated 03/23/2019

There were up to twenty steamboat landings once on Lake Sunapee. A  fleet of steam ships took guests to the many hotels/inns that were  located at these various landings from the late 1800's until the 1930's. They carried passengers, luggage, mail, cargo, etc. and gave Sunday  excursions to vacationers.

Steamboats Postcatds - early 1900s