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History of Sunapee  ... Old Photos, Postcards, Memories, Maps & More...

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These web pages cover some interesting facts and history of Lake Sunapee & Mt. Sunapee - focusing mainly on Newbury and Blodgett Landing.  The history of this area is covered informally, primarily thru a set of historical photos and postcards - most dating from the 1890s thru the 1960s.  In addition, There are many intersting personal accounts of local history contained in a number of magazine articles, newspaper stories, local historical maps, minutes of Blodgett’s C.O.A. meetings, personal recollections, etc.

Here you will find an update and expansion of the old Blodgett Landing web site.  All of the old web pages have been replaced with a more graphical presentation.  The aim has been to significantly improve the site navigation.
The historical coverage varies as it has developed from informal inputs from many people who have viewed and commented on the original “Blodgett’s” web pages - thank you.

Finally, there is no intent to give in depth, broad coverage of Sunapee area history - that is for the local Historical Societies of
Newbury, Sunapee, and New London.

Great Island History:
Personal recollections and photos from the daughter of an original island settler, including photos from 1890s to 1920s, a survey map of the Newbury portion of Great Island, and a history of the first 15 families that built cottages on Great Island.

Great Island

Blodgett Landing History:
including information about the Spiritualists, the C.O.A., Cottage Names, Maps, Photos, Postcards of Blodgetts, etc...

Blodgett Landing

Lake Sunapee Historical Maps and cottage owners names:
A complete list of cottage owners recorded by Henry A. Hancox in 1911 and 1915.  Also maps and a list of cottage names in Blodgetts Landing from 1892,1910,1924,1956 and present day.

Cottage Names

Mt. Sunapee History:
including a summary of mountain development -
The History of Mt. Sunapee from 1909 to present from the official Mt. Sunapee website; early skiing history from 1930s, Mt. Sunapee postcards from 1948-1960s, a YouTube video and SooNipi article about the 1949 AT-6 plane crash on Sunapee (Blood Mt.).

Mt Sunapee

*** Updated ***  Sunapee Old Postcard Collections:
from approximately 1900 thru 1960s; orginaized by topic/area - Blodgetts Landing, Mt. Sunapee, and the Steamboat Fleet,

Old Postcards

History of Lake Sunapee Steamboats:
including 3 articles from 1962-1971 NH Profiles magizine (no longer published) and old postcards/photos of the steamships.

Steamboats History

*** Updated ***
Sunapee Area Attractions
Restaurants links...

Attractions & Restaurants

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Sunapee YouTube historical and fun movies from 1936 to 1967 including Blodgett Landing, Great Island, Mt. Sunapee, Sunapee Water Ski Shows, the mail boats, Ben Mere Inn demolition, fun on and in the water... and more.

Sunapee YouTube Videos

SooNipi Magazine Articles:
including four articles on Blodgett Landing, Lake Memories, Will Cressy & Blanche Dayne, Mt. Sunapee 1949  plane crash; and the Ron Garceau photo collection of Blodgetts.

SooNipi Magazine

*** Updated *** Lake Sunapee Photo Albums:
including 1880s-1910s photos and 1940s-1950 photos by two professional photographers as well as a 1959 Sunapee waterski show, family photo alblum and historical photos from the  Ron Garceau, SooNipi collection.

Lake Sunapee Photo Albums