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NOTE: the background image is the Mt. Sunapee Summit lodge, built in 1963, with the “Wild Goose” statue on the deck.

Mt. Sunapee  History

Mt Sunapee Postcards - 1940s - 1960s

Postcards of Mt. Sunapee from 1948 thru the mid-1960s. The first chairlift  was installed in 1948 on Mt. Sunapee by the state of NH. The winter  postcards follow the summer-fall postcards in this album.

Here is The History  of Mt. Sunapee from 1909 to present from the official Mt. Sunapee website.  This webpage includes skiing history from 1948 to present.

Mt. Sunapee - Early skiing history
Earlier skiing history (1890s to 1940s) was found at the SkiNH.com website (excerpt here)
“The Newport Ski Club  was started in the 1890's by a Finnish community located in Newport. The club was active through the 1920's & 30's. In the early 1940's  residents took notice of the financial success Cannon was enjoying & persuaded their political representatives to push for legislation which eventually became the Mt. Sunapee Tramway Bill in 1941. The Sunapee  Tram was initially going to be used as a summer attraction but the war  delayed construction and by 1946 the amount allotted for construction  was judged to be not enough to purchase an aerial tram, but was enough  to purchase a chairlift. Mt. Sunapee opened for skiing in 1948.”

(excerpted from the)
obituary of Richard D. Parker, 97, who died May 18, 2012.  Would I have loved to have known and spoken with him...
In the 1930s Newport Ski Club hand-cut a Class I ski trail on the southeast flank of Mount  Sunapee above Newbury Harbor, and they built a log cabin at the top as a respite for racers before their timed schuss down the mountain....  This trail became known as the”Dick Durrance Race Trail”..

(excerpted from the
Mountain Spirit Institute blog.) The Dick Durrance Ski Trail was the first ski trail on Mount Sunapee,  cut by the Newport/Mt. Sunapee Ski Club. Members also built a cabin on  the mountains southeast shoulder, at the top of this ski trail. The  cabin’s logs came from the immediate area, and were all cut by hand.  Hikers can still see the outline of the ski trail by observing the old  growth line at trail’s edge...

Mt. Sunapee - 1956 to 1960  Mt. Sunapee  1956 - 1960
Mt. Sunapee NH - 1956 to 1960 8mm home movies of summer, fall and winter on the mountain.

An article covering the AT-6 plane crash on Blood Mt. was written for the SooNipi magazine - Sunapee Mountain Plane Crash Remembered.
Also, here is a
summary of the plane crash, including the GPS coordinates & Google Earth images and facts about the plane.

Mt. Sunapee  1956 - 1960
SooNipi Sunapee Mt Plane Crash Remembered

AT-6 Plane Crash Site Near Mt. Sunapee  YouTube video of AT-6 Plane Crash Site Near Mt. Sunapee
The crash site on Blood Mtn in Newbury, NH. This plane crashed on Nov  20, 1949 while piloted by John Moses while flying from Bridgeport, Conn  to Boston, Mass...Some how he got lost in the low clouds and ended up  crashing in western, NH just about 1 mile from Mount Sunapee.

YouTube AT-6  1949 Crash Wreckage

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