*** Updated ***  Blodgett Landing Panorama - 2013   - click on photo for high resolution panorama.

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Website Revision History

08/29/2016  -  *** Updated ***  All of the links to the Photo Albums were update to correct for Google+ Photo replacing the PicasaWeb Albums.  Google has discontinued supporting PicasaWeb Albums.  The Photo Albums on the following web pages were affected:  “Lake Sunapee Photo Albums”, “Sunapee Old Postcard Albums”, “Great Island History”, “Mt. Sunapee History”, “Steamboat History” and  “SooNipi Articles”.

All links were updated on the “Sunapee Area Attractions” and the “Restaurants” web pages.

Minor formatting changes on all web pages.

07/21/2014  -  The major website revisions made on are listed below.  You can just click on each link to go directly to “what’s new” with this release...

*** Updated *** A high resolution panoramic photograph of Blodgett Landing from 2013 is at the top of each webpage.  Just click on the photo to view it...

*** New *** Six historic, never-seen-before, YouTube videos have been added to the website.  These videos were created from numerous “home movies”, contributed by people with a long association with the lake.  Thank you one and all.  If you look at nothing else, I urge you to watch these videos.  Some are long (7 minutes) and some are short (1 minute).  They cover subjects like:
Lake Sunapee and Great Island summer fun - 1936 to 1954 including riding on the mail boats in formation around the lake, swimming on Great Island, fishing, waterskiing,  hiking to Lake Solitude on Mt. Sunapee, views of Mt. Sunapee from the  lake, etc.
Blodgett Landing waterfront activities in the mid 1950’s
1956-58 Sunapee Water Ski School Shows at Sunapee Harbor and Georges Mills by Frank Morse
Mt. Sunapee in the late 1950’s - summer/fall and  winter
1960 Blodgett Landing Day Parade and Beauty Pageant
Ben Mere Inn Demolition in 1967, including some aerial movies by Frank Morse, piloted by Babe Sargent

*** Updated *** History of the Sunapee Lake Spiritualist Camp Meeting Association

*** Updated *** All of the links to the Sunapee Area Attractions and Restaurants.  Many area attractions and restaurants have replaced their dedicated websites with a Facebook page.

*** New *** Added a webpage for the Blodgett Landing Post Office History which includes historic photos of the post office, actual post office boxes and a brief, informative history of Blodgett Landing.

Last updated 08/29/2016