*** Updated ***  Blodgett Landing Panorama - 2013   - click on photo for high resolution panorama.

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All photo album links corrected.

Lake Sunapee  Photo Albums

1890-1910 photos - J.B. Warren
Blodgetts Landing photographs from the 1890-1910 period by J.B. Warren, a photographer from Franklin, NH who had a summer photo studio in  Blodgetts.

Sunapee Harbor 1959 Water Ski Show

Misc. photos  of Blodgett Landing & Lake Sunapee

 Last updated 03/23/2019

Lake Sunapee, NH - Great Island in the early 1900s. All photos are on Great Island, unless otherwise noted.

Garceau Collection
Photos reproduced by permission from Ron Garceau (publisher of the  SooNipi Magazine, Sunapee, NH). These photos are of Blodgett Landing,  Newbury, NH - Lake Sunapee.

1944 photos - W.V.D. Kitchen
Photos in this album were taken by a professional photographer, William  V.D. Kitchen, unless otherwise noted. Mr. Kitchen retired to New London, NH in the 1940's

   Blodgett’s Family Photo Album
This album contains photos contributed by family and friends of  Blodgett Landing. The photos are "raw" - as I receive them from the  contributor.

   Fall Foliage - 2007
Photos taken Fall 2007 at Blodgett Landing, Lake Sunapee