*** Updated ***  Blodgett Landing Panorama - 2013   - click on photo for high resolution panorama.

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 Lake Sunapee Flyover 1950  Lake Sunapee Flyover-1950 simulation
This video is a reenactment of a series of aerial photography flights in 1949-50 over Lake Sunapee shoreline.
The route roughly parallels that taken by "Babe" Sargent (pilot) and his father, John (the photographer) in 1949-50. This is recorded in a wonderful coffee-table book "Wild Goose Waters From Above". The book is available from 
SooNipi Publishing

YouTube Lake Sunapee Flyover - 1950 simulation

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YouTube Videos
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Lake Sunapee Steamboats Blodgetts - 1900  YouTube video of Lake Sunapee Steamboats - 1900
Photos of Steamships landing at Blodgetts Landing, Lake Sunapee, NH from 1890 to 1900. Blodgetts was first established as a Spiritualist Society Camp Meeting grounds in 1876.  J.B. Warren was a professional photographer with a  summer studio in Blodgetts.

 Blodgetts Landing along the Shore in 1900  YouTube video of Blodgetts Landing shoreline in 1900
Blodgetts Landing - along the Shore in 1900... Photos of the shoreline,  cottages, docks and steamboats at Blodgetts Landing, Lake Sunapee, NH  from 1880s to early 1900s. J.B. Warren was a professional  photographer with a summer studio in Blodgetts

YouTube - Lake Sunapee Steamboats 1900
YouTube Blodgetts a Walk Along the Shore - 1900

AT-6 Plane Crash Site Near Mt. Sunapee  YouTube video of AT-6 Plane Crash Site Near Mt. Sunapee
The crash site on Blood Mtn in Newbury, NH. This plane crashed on Nov  20, 1949 while piloted by John Moses while flying from Bridgeport, Conn  to Boston, Mass...Some how he got lost in the low clouds and ended up  crashing in western, NH just about 1 mile from Mount Sunapee.

YouTube AT-6 Plane Crash 1949

 Stowell Sunapee 1952   YouTube video of  Lake Sunapee in 1952
This is a great video of life on Lake Sunapee in 1950s.  It is a little grainy, and long - but well worth viewing.  It was filmed by Kip Stowell in 1952 on Lake Sunapee.  It includes "Happy Thought", "The Fells Hay Estate", "Rippawam"

Last updated 07/21/2014

YouTube  Lake Sunapee 1952 - tour of the lake

Various interesting YouTube Sunapee videos:
Antique Boat Parade - 2007  Annual tradition, every August
2:12 minutes

Sunapee Iceboating - Feb. 20, 2012  - Great iceboating on clear ice with plenty of wind!!!  Original music by Charles Collins, Blodgetts resident. 1:53 minutes

Iceboating on Lake Sunapee, NH February 18 & 19, 2012  - An amazing weekend on the ice in New Hampshire!  4:00 minutes

Lake Sunapee Fireworks  -  at Blodgetts Landing - June 2010  1:55 min.

Barefoot Waterski Backwards  - Ray Cavicchio was the first to do this trick (1960); not at Cypress Gardens, but at Lake Sunapee, NH  1:27 minutes

Sunapee Area Pics  -  Nice photos from the top of Mount Kearsarge, Mount Sunapee, Lake Sunapee and Pleasant Lake.  Video in HD (720p or 1080p).  3:00 minutes

Kearsarge Dinner Cruise, Sunapee, New Hampshire  - Commercial video for the dinner boat and sightseeing boat... mainly showing Sunapee Harbor in  2:16 minutes

Star-Lapse (time-lapse photos on Little Lake Sunapee, NH)  Can be viewed in HD (720p or 1080p).  Video covers 13.5 hrs from sunset to sunrise in 2:31 minutes

Time lapse lake, Sunapee, U.S., Dec. 2007 - July 2009  -  Daily panorama photos taken over an 18 month period.  Covers all four seasons, with two summers, two ice-outs in 39 seconds

Sunapee Harbor - Video tour of Sunapee Harbor  2:13 minutes